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Wójt Gminy Poraj Katarzyna Kaźmierczak

Ladies and gentlemen,

May I invite you to the parish of Poraj - propably the most beautiful place in the Slaskie voivodship, situated in the district of Myszkow.

It consists of eight villages: Poraj, Zarki Letnisko, Jastrzab, Choron, Maslonskie, Kuznica Stara, Debowiec and Gezyn.

The attractiveness of Poraj parish mainly comes down to its geographical and natural values. The valley of the Warta river together with the Poraj reservoir contribute to a unique microclimate of the region covered extensively by forest complexes. It is a true heaven on earth for those who love water sports, fishing, mushrooming, cycling and hiking. The flexible communication system is also an advantage providing easy access for people from the Silesian agglomeration and Czestochowa. The ever improving tourist facilities are possible thanks to the magistrate's investments into transport, cultural and sport infrastructure. That also supports the activity of small and medium businesses ready to compete on the national and international markets.

I strongly encourage you to visit the parish of Poraj, a part of the Krakow-Czestochowa Jurassic Highland, enticing tourists with diversified landscape and the hospitability of the people and attracting investors who will find good field for investment and favor with local authorities.

See you in the parish of Poraj!


Wójt Gminy Poraj
Katarzyna Kaźmierczak

Urząd Gminy Poraj

ul. Jasna 21

42-360 Poraj 

tel. + 48 34 314 52 51